Why baby talk is good for your baby

Laure KouamouJan 29, '18

A mother plays with her baby. Early language is spurred by the frequent use of exaggerated language, a study shows. A key indicator is babbling. (ERIK DE CASTRO/REUTERS) By University of Washington, January 13, 2014 One-on-one baby talk with an infant gives a toddler a bigger vocabulary Study Hall presents recent studies...

Reading Books to Babies

Laure KouamouJan 29, '18

Jacob loves books. His mom knows this because when she sits down to read to him every night, he waves his arms excitedly. His favorite page of "Goodnight Moon" shows a cow jumping over the moon. He squeals and reaches for the book every time he sees it. When she...

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Baby's First Year

Laure KouamouJan 29, '18

A week or so after I had my first baby, my friend Susan stopped by -- just in the nick of time: Will had been crying for what felt like hours and nothing I did helped. Susan, who'd just had her second daughter, calmly scooped up my inconsolable newborn and...