We work with online stores, boutiques and brick & mortar stores around the world. At Novarena, we offer wholesale prices in the retail, baby, household, fashion, ethnic tribal African clothing, headwraps, jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces, masks, sculptures, online retail and other industries.

To become a retailer for dropshipping or buy in bulk/wholesale, follow the following steps:


  • Step 1: Create an Account. 


  • Step 2: Call/Text us at 1-800-741-1658 or contact us by email at info@novarena.com with a list of products you would like to order with quantities OR if you have any questions. 
      • The accepted methods of payment for orders are all credit/debit cards, Paypal and bank transfers. 
      • We also offer dropshipping options. Purchase our products directly on our website and enter your customer's name and shipping address at checkout. We will ship the products directly to your customer. We drop ship worldwide.