Royal Blue African Turban Hair Scarf

$12.99 $29.99

“Achieve Many Different Looks with Our Long Turban Stretch Jersey Headband Scarf.”😍

Have you ever used a headscarf that manages to fit various hair styles? Our African-style turban makes you unique and stylish. Our Head Scarves are made of reliable polyester, soft and light, stretchy and smooth, they are easy to dry, breathable, and comfortable to wear, you can wear them with confidence. For those who prefer completely carefree head covering, we offer many fashionable headscarves for women. Our fabric is soft, breathable with vibrant colors for an Afrocentric look or summer swimwear accessories. The scarf is suitable for everyday wearing. You can tie and fold the scarf quickly and easily achieving many different styles.

Simple scarf-tying can magically transform a beautiful piece of fabric into stylish headwear. Our lightweight head wrap scarf is a great fashion show, yoga, sports workout, and exercise headband accessory. Dress it down with some jeans for a quick run to the store, dress it up with an outfit for a night out. These African women's headscarf are stylish accessories for women and girls, they can be matched with your daily clothes easily, no matter at home or office, they go well with your jeans and will make you more stylish and eye-catching. If you have already bought a turban scarf before, buy one of ours, and notice its difference and comfort.


  • Made of soft, breathable, and comfortable knitted fabric, you will love to wear it.
  • Lightweight, so you forget to have it on.
  • Express your style and get creative with knots and bows.
  • Stretch wraps can be worn alone or layered with different colored wraps for extra flair and flair.
  • It works great to wrap even very long natural hair, braids, and dreadlocks with ease.
  • Can also be used as a stylish scarf around the neck.