Felt Letter Board Case/Tray to Organize & Store Your Letters with 36 Individual Grids for Every Letterboards Number, Letter and Special Character

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  • ★ ORGANIZE each of your letters, numbers and special characters with 36 individually marked compartments measuring about 1.2" wide x 1.8" long x 1.7" high. Finish your 10x10 or 12x18 or 16x20 letter boards twice as fast.
  • ★ CREATE more inspiration by finding your letters faster than the traditional "Ziploc dumping" method. No more dreading the thought of pulling out your wooden frame letter boards more often.
  • ★ DESIGNED for the modern home and for sharing more of those clever thoughts on your board (or a fun baby shower announcement or milestone). Stacks perfectly and makes one of the best letter board accessories to go with your rustic oak or mini vintage board.
  • ★ SIZE of the letter case box is less than a sheet of computer paper (6.9" x 10.9" x 1.7 inches) so storage will not be an issue. It only weighs about as much as a half dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • ★ PREMIUM durable plastic case is much higher quality than cheap, semi-opaque plastic containers that require you to print out your own letters and numbers. Grab this case today and claim a little more organization back in your life!
  • Letterboard NOT included

Letter boards allow us to create inspiration in our daily lives. 

For most of us, time isn't something that is in abundance. 

We found that on average, it took half an hour to sift through all of the letters and find the right pieces. 

Letter Case was made to help people save more time and create more inspiration in their lives. Plus, your kids get a great word lettering activity as they organize the emojis & characters. 

Let's create more inspiration. 

Whether you have a black, pink, blue, white, gold, grey (or gray) felt letter board, our cases will make a perfect companion to your letterboard besides a stand.

Q: How many compartments are there?
A: 36 total compartments. Every letter and number have a designated home. Symbols are doubled up (2 per compartment). 

Q: What is the size of each compartment? 
A: Each of the 36 compartments measures about 1.2" (w) x 1.8" (l) x 1.7" (h) 

Q: What are the dimensions of the overall storage box?
A: Outer dimensions are 6.9" (depth) x 10.9" (width) x 1.7" (height). It's smaller than a sheet of computer paper. Except the thickness. ;) 

Q: Will this fit the large letters? 
A: Yes, however the large case is now available. 

Q: How many 3/4" sets fit into each case? 
A: More than 2 full sets. We are able to comfortably fit 36 small E's into 1 compartment and close the lid. 

Q: What material is the letter case made of? 
A: It's made of premium durable plastic. 

Q: How heavy is the letter case? 
A: It's about 10 oz. 

Q: Is this case for a specific letterboard brand? 
A: Nope! Letter Case can be used with Letterfolk, Felt Like Sharing, Little Hippo or any magnetic letter set.

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