Female (2 bird) African Kwifibe Wood Mask

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According to Hersak (1985: 168), "the striated masks, or kifwebe, are used as agents of a tradition and figures of authority to exercise social and political control through practices of evil magic and witchcraft by the members of the bwadi bwa kifwebe society. Among the societies public performances, three mask types exist: two grades of male and one female mask. Male masks are distinguished by a striated pattern of three colors and 1 bird on top while the female one is predominantly white with the features accented in black and some red and 2 birds on top... The Kifwebe tradition which exists also among the Luba, seems to have originated south of the eastern chiefdom in an area of Luba/Songe admixture. The Songye confirm this provenance by the interpretation that the kifwebe striations relate (apart from the zebra) to a pugnacious species of striped bushbuck antelope which inhabited the area."

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Excellent decorative masks.

Masks look great on my wall. Painting on the masks is not perfect, but it looks handmade & not made by a machine. The shape of the face and colors define the masks. Hard to hang on the wall because the mask edges are rounded. I used hanging tape and clear push pins to support the masks in an upright position against a wall. Medium size masks that compliment one another in terms of male, female pairing, with subtle distinctions. These serve as symbols of protection & ceremony over an entranceway. Nature and an exotic edge are provided for display in any medium to large room. Definitely authentic.

mark w.
United States United States
Looks great!

Love it!

United States United States
Beautiful masks

Beautiful addition to my mask collage. Very solid and well made.

Peter S.
United States United States
Artistry, care, and cultural expression in these Masks.

All masks are wonderful, authentic in appearance. Can scratch easily, so be cautious when hanging. I used mounting two-sided tape reinforced with two clear, transparent push pins near the chins. Great care went into the making of the masks. The facial expressions and colors make these masks special; in comparison to other African masks I have viewed [cultural authenticity vs. a more commercial, mass produced appearance]. They add character to my wall. The seller understood my expressed artistic preferences (via email). I fully utilized everything she provided in the package except the screws. Utilitarian and cultural. This seller is responsive; if you prefer to have masks sent with different colors and expressions she will work with you. Beautiful with any of the choices.

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Exactly what I want

The mask was beautiful, I was expecting much smaller due the reviews but it was just the right size. The only thing I didn’t like is that tent put the hook to hang it right in front of the mask, I removed and replaced in the back, and it was perfect!!

Rodney H.
United States United States
Everything Contiguous to This Transaction Was Favorable!

It was fantastic! I was in receipt of the items in a timely manner. Moreover, I would definitely patronize novarena again in the offing.

United States United States
Cool looking masks.

The masks were kind of small , however they looked fantastic and go very well with the rest of my masks. The hanging hooks were all in the bag that the masks came in.. definitely worth the price in my opinion.

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Pieza de colección

Es una pieza muy original y diferente.

camille b.
United States United States
Nice value

These are cute and light weight. I docked 2 stars because they don't come with a way to hand and they're 2 diff sizes

fela i.
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Mahwah, New Jersey, United States
Beautiful Mask!

I was very pleased at the quality and wrkmanship of the mask, as well as the rapid delivery. I was kept up to speed by the seller, so I knew exactly when my mask would arrive. I would definitely shop with Novarena again!

Brian G.
Durham, North Carolina, United States

exactly what i was looking for