Wholesale/Bulk African Jewelry, Ethnic Tribal African 125 Bracelets or 65 Necklaces for Men and Women, Wood and/or Bead, handmade


WHOLESALE/BULK Bracelets and Necklaces

This listing includes 65 necklaces or 125 bracelets or a combination, your choice!

Indicate during checkout if you have specific designs or colors you want.

Wooden and/ or Beads

Adjustable size

These beautiful bracelets and necklaces are 100% handmade using high quality beads.

What makes these African bracelet and necklaces better?

*multi-layer bracelets and Necklaces, Giving you versatility and options.

*Different colors and material bracelets and necklaces assorted, Easily Matching with Any Clothes.

*They look fantastic when worn stacked together or alone, fashion enough for any occasion.

*It will take your outfits to the next level.

*Adjustable Length, suitable both for men or women, girls or boys, younger or elder people.

*Must-have multi-layer bracelets and necklaces this summer, perfect as daily jewelry.

*These Bracelets and Necklaces will contour well onto the shape of your wrist and neck for a comfortable wear. A Popular and Decent Accessory no Matter for Working, Traveling or Partying.

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