SALE Florencia Love One Size fits most: Up to size 20 Women's Crepe Satin Robe - Best Bridal or Valentine's Day Gift

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One Size fits most: Up to size 20


PREMIUM CREPE SATIN FABRIC - Enjoy the silk-like feel of crepe satin fabric in this classic crepe satin robe for women. Crepe Satin is made from 100% polyester thread and woven into a tight weave - making it super sleek and fashionable.
BRIDESMAIDS GIFTS - Nothing photographs better than a sleek crepe satin robe, which is why so many brides choose this for their bridal party. From the moment you start getting ready for your wedding, pictures are being taken. Give an extra pop to your getting ready photos when all of your girls are wearing these matching dressing gowns.
GREAT AS A GIFT - A robe is one of those warm familiar products that you didn't know you loved until you had one - which is why it makes the perfect present for your mom, wife, sister, or friend. While few people may think to buy a robe for themselves, everyone can enjoy one on a daily basis. Give this crepe satin robe as a thoughtful gift for your loved one's next birthday or for Christmas, or Valentine's day.
2 front pockets; With Short Sleeves and a detachable belt
Material:Silky Polyester,Lace
Cleaning instructions:Hand Wash Recommended.Don't Spin Dry!
Occasion: Bridal robe, Bathrobe, Lounge wear, Sleepwear, Valentine day


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